The project

To unite as many people as possible to this concept of the development of mankind, especially I its child base. Childhood needs protection and care as it is an essential part of each person's existence. Join also Click4HelpKids

Give then some food

Help children for education

Education is the best way to out of poverty. Actually, there are many regions that children are out of school. In order to change perception and give education for people, we will build a school at there. This is a big charity activity, so it need more time and donation.


Participate in the development of the right to a dignified survival, protection and development of children, universal imperative parameters for the development of humanity, indispensable for human progress.


Raise awareness of the importance of a dignified and healthy childhood. Promoting the development of human beings capable of building a society based on a culture of peace, environmental sustainability and respect for all differences, expand their opportunities for full development.

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